Concrete Formwork

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Plasmolite™ The Better Choice
Buildings cast up to 25 years ago are evidence for the well aging of CLC, using the same "ingredients" as in conventional concrete, namely sand, cement and water (gravel is large sand) and air...
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Plasmolite™ Unique Advantage
By using the Plasmolite™ System (Plasmolite™ CLC), especially for Non-load bearing internal walls, developers enjoy savings of 20% to 30% compared to conventional internal walling systems.
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Plasmolite™ Process Involved
The ingredients for its production are ordinary cement, water and Plasmolite™ foam. The foam is produced using a liquid concentrate called Plasmolite foaming agent, which is added to ordinary
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1.Residential �- High rises.
2.Commercial �- Hotels, office
   complexes, shopping malls.
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